5-seater Mitsubishi Delica D2 Hybrid [non-smoking・navigation・phone holder・bluetooth]

Start from ¥8,000 /per a day
5-seater Mitsubishi Delica D2 [non-smoking・navigation・phone holder・bluetooth] Hybrid car. Spacious and comfortable interior space.
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5-seater Suzuki Solio [non-smoking・navigation/smartphone holder/bluetooth]

Start from ¥8,300 /per a day
5-seater Suzuki Solio [non-smoking・navigation/smartphone holder] A spacious and comfortable interior space.
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Daihatsu Thor 5 Seats Non smoking car, Navigation, Smartphone holder, Bluetooth, 360 Cameras, bluetooth

Start from ¥8,300 /per a day
Daihatsu Thor, 5 seater car. Same grade as Suzuki Solio. Non smoking car, TV Fullseg, Radio, Bluetooth, CD, Navigation, Smartphone holder, bluetooth.
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Mazda Axela Sport 5 seats [non-smoking car/with navigation/smartphone holder/Bluetooth]

Start from ¥8,900 /per a day
5-seater Mazda Axela Sports [non-smoking car/with navigation/smartphone holder/Bluetooth] An eco-car that is friendly to both the environment and your wallet!
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7-seater Honda Stream 【non-smoking・navigation・smartphone holder・CarPlay・Android Auto】

Start from ¥9,800 /per a day
7-seater Honda Stream [non-smoking car/with navigation/smartphone holder・CarPlay・Android Auto] Honda's smallest minivan! Recommended for families and groups with a large number of people and a small amount of luggage.
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